Creating a "ground telemetry relay box" with GPS inject

hi all,

i’m in the process of creating a telemetry “ground receiver box” station, which would do following:

  • act as wifi relay box for telemetry (connecting to quad with a RFD module or holybro eventually, via USB)
  • do gps inject through a F9P receiver on top of it (twin of the one installed on the quad).

the thing would stay on a tripod or bench, near pilot, powered by its own battery.

as far as i know, MP is currently the only option to do GPS injection through telemetry stream, so i would use some win10 SBC running MP. My question(s) is:

  • do MP have a “embedded” mode or can be programmed for that? (like autoload at startup, autoconnect, etc… in a way which would be up and running without any user input and opening up as fast as possible)
  • are there other options to relay telemetry AND have GPS injection?


mavproxy can do injection. And a simple RPi can be used with linux to do that.

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this depends if you need the screen or not.

if you dont need a screen, then mavproxy is the way to go.

if you do want a screen then MP does have some command line options to connect at startup etc. just depends on your use case

i don’t need the screen, so i think i will go with mavproxy

thanks for helping!