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Create a dedicated "use cases" category with sub categories

(Tobias) #1

I think the forum misses a category which is dedicated for use cases or applications. I would be interested to contribute with reports about aerial mapping and discuss photogrammetry and gnss topics. High quality contributs could be used as blog content, for the documents and as press release. I think that could rise awareness about the excellent capabilities of Ardupilot, e.g. for aerial mapping.

(Khancyr) #2

I don’t we would have so much use case to have dedicated section and another sections spreading…
But we love see usage of ArduPilot on the blog!

(James Pattison) #3

@khancyr I actually think this could be useful, but risks being unwieldy: there are so many!

(James Pattison) #4

to follow up, the wiki has sections for use cases (eg. that it would be great to expand - either posts here that can be pulled across, or putting together a wiki page with a new use case would be greatly appreciated.