Crashed today when using Arducopter 3.2

I see, thanks.
So as not to open a new topic I’ll post today’s crash with 3.2-dev here.
Probably I shouldn’t have been so careless as to continue flying with 3.2, before I knew about any issues. Should have better went back to 3.1, but luckily not so much broke, so I’m mostly relieved and wanted to share my log here, so hopefully that crash can at least help pinpoint possible issues with 3.2-dev.
Yesterday I tried some very gentle hover in loiter mainly to try my newly set-up gimbal and to get some nice still pics. Everything worked extraordinary well and the loiter seemed very solid. Only some drift with yaw input but nothing really bad.
Today I made the mistake to take off with fpv-goggles on, maybe the accident could have been avoided if I had had the chance to switch to stable mode or something. Had a spotter, but by the time she said I was falling I only managed to realise it when I was already crashed.
Pulled the flightlog from the board and attaching it here, hopefully someone can make out what initially went wrong. By looking at the log I only concluded that at about line 2000 my wp_alt suddenly dropped to -20m, whereas the bar_alt still showed about 60m, which was my actual height at that time.
I was trying out sport mode, as I didn’t want to having to concentrate on maintaining height which is difficult enough while fpv-ing and I’m still a bloody beginner with the goggles.
Also, the motor out at that point suddenly drops to 0 and that is obviously where the problem was, but why the fc would give this command, I have not the slightes idea.
I also noticed that in mid-flight at about half-time the wp_bar also went to zero for a short time but I didn’t notice any problem there, although with the goggles I don’t notice much anyway. g
Luckily only an arm broke and a few cable isolations were hurt, but apart from that everything seems to still work. The gps was lying about a meter away ripped from it’s mount and the cable and the cap of my fatshark spiro antenna came off, but without breaking, so I just need to replace the arm.
The screws that came with my frame are of such low quality, though, that it will be a major effort to open them, let alone re-use them, but well…lesson learned.
Will go back to 3.1, because didn’t flash 3.2 on purpose in the first place…:slight_smile:
Glad, if anyone can track down any hidden bugs with my log, let’s see.
Attached is the log of the flight with the crash at the very end, starting at about line 2000.

looks to me like you had a failure on your roll axis just before you crashed. It looks mechanical, before your next flight, please check all wiring, esc’s, and props are screwed on tight.

Thanks for the analysis.
If it was mechanical, I suspect the motors. Had one of this kind fail on me before.
It’s rctimer 630kv pancakes with SimonK flashed 20A redbrick escs.
Hopefully I can replace the broken arm today and fly again tomorrow…
Then I’ll stay low for the time being…
Thanks for the quick help!