Crashed Tarot 680 Pro Pixhawk 2.4.7

In short, after you’ve finished your Autotune, land and disarm while still in autotune mode.

I seem to recall that it’s possible to get the PID values from the data flash log file. It’s been a while since I looked at it though. It might save you having to do another autotune but get a second opinion to check you have the relevant values before flying!

It’s important to NOT get the PIDs from an autotune that didnt complete because extreme values are used that probably cant normally be used.
Just run autotune again and land/disarm without changing out of autotune mode.

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Thanks all for responses.
One question here, can we get auto-tuned values from log?
So that no need to auto-tune again

Hi Shawn, yes, sorry I should have clarified this. I had assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that the autotune had been completed, just the wrong process was used to finish the flight so that they weren’t saved.

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Can we retrieve best PID values from log? each time it succeed but fail to write due to fail safe landing.
Below are links of logs, anyone know any tool/method to get PID values from below logs?

I cant tell from those logs because Autotune doesnt show you the final calculated values until it actually completes.
What you have to do is Autotune one axis at a time. Recharge the battery in between each Autotune.
AUTOTUNE_AXES,7 (all at once, this will be quicker now the individual axis are closer to being correct)

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Exactly i wanted this, tons of thanks.
I could not find option to autotune seperate in mission planner,but now got it.

Its stable now in all flight modes except those who need GPS, like loiter mode.
When fly in loiter mode it, it trigger gps failsafe due to GPS glitch.
Reading now
But thought to get real experience from users for this issue?

Where are you flying? If you are in an urban/ big city environment, getting a reliable GPS lock can be difficult.

Post recent flight logs.

Hi @OldGazer, Please have look at below log

Thanks in advance.

Any one got chance to look at log?

Post a log from a normal flight, NOT an Auto Tune flight and maybe someone will look at it. I would suggest you make a new flight not re-cycle the plethora of others you have posted on the forum.

@xfacta @dkemxr @OldGazer I know, i had multiple question on same for you,
Probably this is last, as i dont have working hex now, so please analyze to find cause of crash.

A very sad incident happened with my hex :sob:, it crashed in lake while doing auto-tune in Alt Hold mode.
Previously I did auto-tune,but that was with loiter mode, so today morning there was no wind, so i planned to do auto-tune in alt hold mode, unfortunately it went toward lake which near my farm, and collapsed inside lake,with help of dive(paying 40$) i found it, it was inside lake till 4.30pm from approx 7.30am.
Sharing log file

Your PID’s are (were) way out of wack.
The same huge difference between pitch and roll is seen in the Rate P&I’s. It would be foolish to run Auto Tune in such a state.

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Those PIDs are from previous auto-tune, this my biggest mistake, that i could check those values after first auto-tune, and i lost everything.