Crashed... Need advice on what happend

I went through my logs “First time” I think I see a GPS failure and the fact I switched into guided right before the crash “Log shows that but I thought I switched to stabilize” Can someone take a look and see if im off base?

Hey Tconners,
as far as I can tell, the GPS did not log a sudden drop of satellites,
but something I can see, is if you compare ThrIn and ThrOut to the BarAlt, you can see that the throttle almost completly cut out, even before you switch into Guided Mode.[attachment=0]Unbenannt.JPG[/attachment]
Not quite sure how that could happen and I am not an expert at all with this, so I hope this at least helps a little,

The throttle drop is a result of its rotation into inverted position, in went over at roll axis, and almost over pitch as well.
you had lots of Z axis vibrations, maybe a propeller came loose ?