Crashed after switching from FBWA to Manual

Hi Guys
My first post on the forum. My HobbyKing EPP-PFV had a APM 2.7 from HobbyKing running 3.4 firmware and I’ve flown it for a couple of years on and off with no issues. Everything worked well, RTL, Auto and FBWA and FBWB. This Sunday I had my best ever FPV flight and switched into Manual to land and as soon as I did it just spiralled into the ground. I was gutted not for the crash but because it was my best ever FPV flight and I was elated.

After the crash I retrieved everything and plugged the battery back in and all looked OK luckily no damage, battery still had 35% . Managed to get the DataFlash log off and its quite easy to see after switching to Manual the on CH1-4 that they all just went down. I had failsafe set to RTL. I’ve attached the logs. I don’t have enough knowledge to work out what happened just wondering if anyone can help, log files attached (963.0 KB)