Crash with 3.5.0 and no logs

Today, I tested on my hexa the 3.5.0 in live.
It crashed after 30s when I put autotune in roll and drone came back like a boomrang, and crash 15m after me, not a lot of damages.
I connected hexa on MP to see log on SD, but no log on it and no log on pc with 433mhz during 30s flying.

I saw when I upgrade 3.4 to 3.5.0 that the SD was not recognize after, I’d must reformat the SD.

calibrate esc, ok
compas , ok
calibrate radio , ok
lipo, full
all is ok,
No problem with 3.4, so I can’t understand what’s wrong.

So, why no log on SD?
and why it crash without any fault off me?
why no buzzer alarm if lipo is under voltage limite? in my case 21v for my 6S 5800mAh

Have you an idea?

So, why no log on SD?

Were your arming checks enabled?

I tried enabled desabled.
file, mavlink, both
bad logging on MP and same with APM 2.0 logging failed
if no log in option, no problem

I reflashed to 3.4.6 last night, and no problem with log