Crash when switch of the poshold please help

hello i am having lot of troubles with my board it seems so erratic in auto modes ,this time i was trying the poshold and it drift a litle didnt keep the position very well but the problem is that when i got the switch of the poshold the quad inverted the comandes i was pulling forward and it was going backwards and i have a litle crash nothing to big and no damage but i am scared to fly this thing does someone have any ideas

Sound like you have pitch inverted. more informtion on setup is here

see … libration/ more specifically

nothing is reverse what i notice is that i have check the super simple in stabilise mode and for halt hold i didn t check the super simple mode after i put the check in both didn t hapend again i dont know if this is normal ? if i have to check always super simple to all flight modes or if i can have ones with super simple and other without thanks for the help best regards to all and forgive me my english feel free to correct i apreciatte that is the way to learn

see … ple-modes/

I never use super simple for modes. Most use it assigned to CH7 for example, and switch to it when then get disorientated to recover.