Crash When Increase waypoint speed from 5m/s to 8m/s

Hi Guys,

Its my first time posting in this forum and hope someone can help.
I have been flying a similar waypoint at 5m/s successfully numerous times however the first time i increased the waypoint speed to 8 m/s it crashed on route to the 3rd waypoint.

Have had a look at the logs but cannot understand why the copter increased throttle to 1.0 all of a sudden.

Here is an attachment of the log pls help.


2017-03-19 18-52-34.bin (908.9 KB)

At first glance it looks like motor failure. Motor 4 went to max and Motor 3 went to min to compensate.

Looks like you are using One shot which I don’t know too much about.


Thank you for your feedback Mike,

Interesting that you have mentioned motor failure since i always felt that motor 3 was running hotter compared to the rest.

Any tips on which section of the log should i be looking at ?



In mission planner select Mechanical Failure and go to 20233 in the log. You will see that Desired and Actual diverge. If you graph the RCOUT you will see the motors going in opposite direction.


Thank you very much Mike.

Problem solved…I found a broken solder joint connection on motor 4. Prob due to my poor soldering skills…hahah