Crash on first flight after mayor crash

I had a very bad crash a while ago. I had to replace almost all the frame so I bought a new one, including motors and esc, the frame is a DJI S1000+. On the first flight with new frame copter crash just a few moments after take off. The configuration of Pixhawk is almost the same I flew for several months with my old frame. Is it possible that the ¨Pixhawk get something damaged after the big crash? How can I check if it is ok?
I’m thinking on replacing the Pixhawk as I already have another one, but I would like to know if it was really a problem with the Pixhawk or it could be something diferent with the new frame.
I attached the log. I dont’ see anything wrong on it but I’m not an expert so your opinions would be very appreciated.
34 03-07-2016 18-09-18.bin (617.3 KB)

Thanks in advance.

A quick look at the log would indicate problems with compass variance and GPS.
Have you done all the compass calibrations including compass mot?
Is there current carrying wires near the compass?
Are you using any FPV or similar Tx that might be screwing with the GPS?
Interestingly there was also some gyro drift present.
Have you recalibrate everything after the first crash?
Is this a genuine 3DR Pixhawk?
The reason I ask this is because I have seen a few clones that seem to have used substandard gyro/accel chips that cause problems.
A test I often do is to leave the FC connected to the GCS, usually via USB, for a couple of hours to see just how stable the gyros are. One problem FC from HK was spinning the artificial horizon like a top after 2 hours.