Crash on 550 quad with Pixhawk on 3.3.3

I have been having considerable problems with my 550 quad after having installed a Pixhawk clone from RcTimer.

I downloaded Copter 3.3.3 hoping it might cure the wildly rolling craft
after takeoff in Stab mode.
Recalibrated accelerometer, compass and radio, reset flight modes.
The quad didn’t seem respond properly to
theTx at all, except for the throttle and ended in a crash. Scary!

Never had this before with a previous PX4 or APM 2.6.
If somebody would be so kind as to look at the two logs attached to find out what’s going on, I would be very grateful indeed.
I regret to say that the use of, and interpretation of logs is beyond me at present.
Thanks in advance.
2016-08-26 10-26-51.bin (198.4 KB)
2016-08-26 10-33-43.bin (313.5 KB)

Looks like bad PID values. P and I should be the same but your P value is zero which is why it wobbles.
Logging value is also set wrong as it looks like the value on an APM board and not a Pixhawk.


Thanks Mike.
I did a little digging in the mean time and and as you say, I found that the PIDS were all wrong. The P for both roll and pitch were at 0 for some reason. Not surprising I had a crash. Pity about the broken motor arm!
Thanks for your input.
Best DP