Crash. No cause?

Hey All,

So I was flying Autonomous and my copter felt the need to suddenly tumble and crash into the grassy area beneath. Only things broken was the GPS stand. I have not understood what the problem is , even after checking the log. There is no crash error itself. Only thing I got was that there was a GPS glitch. I’m attaching the logs, along with the tlogs. If anyone could please educate me on what went wrong, I will be terribly happy

Thank you so much.

Crash log along with tlogs

Pretty straightforward, motor2 failed mid flight. Check rcout ch2 goes up, as flight controller tries to compensate for loss of power on motor2, meanwhile start to lower opposite motor power (ch1).
Very likely it was an ESC failure or a loose connection.

Oh. But I thought the motor opposite would be given max throttle when this happens. Or is it what you said?
Thanks for the answer

Nope, when a motor goes down the opposite motor winds down as well to try maintain level…

Think about that. If the left rear motor loses thrust the right front motor has to reduce thrust to attempt to keep attitude control…

Hey Andras and Dave,

Thanks for your replies. Yeah , you guys are right. Thanks for clearing that off. Really helpful.