Crash Motor test help please

Trying to figure out motor or esc failing, NEED help using Mission PlannerT log
Copter 4.3.2
Pixhawk 6c
Readytosky 2212 920 kv
Rise 20A ESC
3S lipo 6200
10X4 props
Tranis X9DP
Frsky X8R
Thanks Ken

Are you sure that craft has enough thrust/weight? Outputs are at max, it’s not taking off and the battery is sagging badly.


I am so sorry I did not state copter was tied down looking for motor issue at first.
Not sure If log shows near end I changed to full bat and was checking normal lift off slowly and quad wanted to tip forward . Did not try to fly.

Are you trying to test the motors using the RC throttle stick and stabalize flight mode?
If yes, that test is invalid and so are the results.

If mission planner’s motor test works fine (without props), do a real take off with no strings and props. It will work fine

Not sure what you were testing then (Crash?). If you have done all the Initial Parameter settings, and it looks like you have, and Motor Test for proper order, then fly it and move along with the tuning process.
Set INS_LOG_BAT_MASK to 1 to prepare for configuring the Notch filter. Also you want MOT_SPIN_MIN to be a bit higher than MOT_SPIN_ARM

I can’t think of good reason to tie down a multirotor for any purpose.