Crash, Loss of control, please help

New Build , The flight controller is a Matek f405 wing, this was about the 4th flight. They all went great until this one…
The plane flew great for about 20 minutes , it got dark so i decided to land and at about 50ft altitude 500ft away i had a total loss of control, but my radio was still connected… i watched it go down in my goggles. i did notice in the HUD that the GPS stats were reading 0.00000.
I downloaded the log files and tried to find out what happened, there are no error messages at the time i lost control, which appears to be at the 1958 second mark … 1966 PLANE glided to landing … 1970 total loss of GPS… The error messages Past the 2000 s. are from me turning on and off my radio, and flipping switches when i couldnt find my plane in the dark because of the unexpected landing.
Please help I dont think i can fly now until this is resolved…

Here is the link to the log file :
thank you for your help