Crash log, power loss?

Hey guys, today I had my drone fall out of the sky. Thankfully it looks OK, but the GPS no longer works, and all of its LEDs are off.

I have a Pixhawk 2.1 with HERE GPS.

I was flying at about 150ft over a patch of grass, I suddenly lose video feed on my goggles and see the drone dropping from the sky, upside down. It landed like that on the grass and it didn’t take much damage. I have the logs here to see if you guys can help me find the culprit. I’m new to reading logs, all I can see is that PWR from Pixhawk was ok until it just lost all power.

I did have an issue with the Power Module and I think it made the XT60 connector loose. When I found the drone, the battery cable was disconnected. This is the likely culprit, in my mind, but perhaps the logs tell a different story?

Thanks in advance!

BIN log file:

Looks like power goes off all of a sudden.

Hi guys
yesterday i too had a great crash of the drone and i have lost all the 4 arms of the drone can any one tell us the issue of the crash , here are the logs

Posting in a deprecated thread isn’t the best idea. But it looks like a total power loss as the log ends abruptly. You are using old firmware, update top latest Stable.

hi, what causes the sudden loss in power to the flight controller?

Thanks in advance.