Crash log, power loss?

Hey guys, today I had my drone fall out of the sky. Thankfully it looks OK, but the GPS no longer works, and all of its LEDs are off.

I have a Pixhawk 2.1 with HERE GPS.

I was flying at about 150ft over a patch of grass, I suddenly lose video feed on my goggles and see the drone dropping from the sky, upside down. It landed like that on the grass and it didn’t take much damage. I have the logs here to see if you guys can help me find the culprit. I’m new to reading logs, all I can see is that PWR from Pixhawk was ok until it just lost all power.

I did have an issue with the Power Module and I think it made the XT60 connector loose. When I found the drone, the battery cable was disconnected. This is the likely culprit, in my mind, but perhaps the logs tell a different story?

Thanks in advance!

BIN log file:

Looks like power goes off all of a sudden.