Crash in Loiter, need help with analysing the log file


I had a small crash in loiter and need help to analyse the log to know what´s caused this.

I use Arducopter 3.1 RC7 and the crash happend in loiter between line 15,5x10^3 and 16,2x10^3.

I flew wery close to the ground and close to a building so i suspect that i lost som satelites for the gps and the copter tried to correct it´s position and crashed in to the ground.

Can anyone verifye that in the log file.

Best Regards


Needed to short the log file to upload it.

The crash is between line 8400 to line 8700.

So it looks like a mechanical failure. There’s also a strange voltage drop right at the end. I’m not sure what’s causing these issues but I don’t think it’s related to the software.