Crash in Auto mode - no apparent reason

Would appreciate any help with another plane crash in Auto mode. My Twin Dream (twin prop plane) with Attopilot 90amp current sensor, TBS Crossfire Rx and Tx running 8 channels and using Pixhawk telemetry 2 input/output. Attopilot requires some fine-tuning so some of the voltage readings are incorrect. Plane flew fine until around 10min into the flight where it went into a sudden downward spiral from 100m in Auto mode. High amps used after it hit the ground as one motor continued spinning until it was put into manual mode using the RC.
A link to the log is attached below:

All help appreciated

Any help out there? This is the second plane I have lost in Auto mode…

Hi Jono,
I’ve had an initial look at the log and I can’t see any sensor or attitude estimation failure. It really looks like it was a normal stall of the right wing. The target airspeed in auto was 12m/s and the battery config is setup for 8Ah of battery. Are you sure that 12m/s is enough for that much battery in the Twin Dream while turning?
Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge, many thanks for your assistance! The plane is pretty big and heavy (around 4kg) yet does glide relatively well. It has a full 3D gimbal mounted on the nose and a large battery as you picked up. I had flown a previous MTD with the standard parameters of 12m/s, this plane has a layer of oracover so is probably a bit heavier. I raised the FBWA airspeed to 13m/s and the min airspeed (on the first page of basic config/tuning) to 15m/s. I also raised the maximum airspeed to 27m/s. I have rebuilt the plane so will test it with these parameters tomorrow. Hopefully the TBS Crossfire stops it failsafe glitching…were you able to pick-up the failsafes from the logs?
Appreciate your help!