Crash first start

do you have any idea where it might be wrong? Video - Throttle about 35%.


Tarot 650


prop. 13x4

batt. 4000/4S


weight - 2,2 kg

motors - … motor.html


Thank you for the feedback

That’s not a CRASH!!

That’s a tip-over.
You need to be brave enough to punch it into the air so it can fly. Slow gradual increases in throttle lead to the bird barely lifting a corner, sliding sideways, dragging a toe on the ground, and
tipping over.

Naza flight controllers have a built in retard to make you go up to 50% from 10% to avoid tip-overs.

Hi, thank you for your feeback.
Attempt to start was in Stabilize mode.
In what mode I should try to start?

Personally, I like Altitude Hold mode.

Get it in the air, find its hover level it so that you don’t have to mess with your throttle, and then you can worry about where it’s going.


Have you checked the centre of gravity is correct?

Old Topic :exclamation: SOLVED. Thx