Crash During Autotune

It´s a quad (Tarot 650) with a large props (17’’), slow motors (390kV), X frame. With defaults PIDS it start flying well but after some strong roll or pitch it start to increase oscillating until it crash. I´ve had 7 crashes (every flight). The only solution I´ve found is to manual increase the rate D pitch and roll to 0.036, that is over the maximum recomended. In the last flight (autotune) I tried the maximum “minimum rate D = 0.008” parameter for the autotune process. The roll tuned well, but in the pitch it crashed, breaking my last spare prop…
I attach the log. Thank you in advance. Enoc.

The log was not attached to your post.

There are parameters for severity of autotune.
Have you adjusted this?
I have 2 Octo’s that used the mid setting and they almost aerobatic in response.
I will have to go to the lowest setting and tune again.
On the highest setting I too had a crash.
It just flipped out.