Crash due to EKF3 IMU1 stopped aiding?

Hi all!
I had an emergency land due to the error:
“EKF3 IMU0 Stopped Aiding” and then Throttle disarming and arming on its own:

I managed to land it but I don’t want it to happen when I am further away.
I have the .bin log:

The home and altitude got reset to that point also instead of the original (take off one) which is also strange…

Before the issue:

During the issue, the Mode switches to FBWA from Auto:

After the issue:

and I change to FBWA manually and then I get the throttle disarmed/armed message:

I can upload the DVR if needed.

I have been reading and it seems that it is an issue with the compass (but I have it disabled, connected but disabled) or with the accelerometer (but it was flying well until then)
I would like to know what could be the reason and some insights on what to look for in the logs?

Thank you in advance

Your RC control looks fishy, plane disarmed because CH5 changed value…(and Ch6 and Ch4 as well at the same time, so it was not pilot initiated…)

Hi! @Eosbandi
thanks for the reply!
I am using CRSF protocol for control is there something else I can check on the Arduplane logs or I should contact TBS (vendor) about this?
Also, how did you get that plotted like that? Can i get the same for other channels?

First of all change to 4.1.2 released code asap, then if it still does not work, try your luck with TBS.

okay, understood! I can do it without losing the settings?
thank you :slight_smile: @Eosbandi
I edit my reply, could you let me know how you plot the logs like you did?

  1. yes
  2. APM planner, log analyzer.

thank you :slight_smile:
just noticed there is a new firmware for CRSF too, so I’ll update that too

Make sure you use a serial/UART with DMA enabled on RX and TX!

Hi @Mfoo
thank you for your reply!
how can I check that I am using that?

Actually I only know where to look in the code (hw.def after target has been configured).
What board are you using?

I’m using Matek F765-Wing

The use SERIAL2 which is UART1.

okay, I’ll check, thank you :slight_smile:

@Mfoo which option is it?

Then make sure no other SERIAL has any rc-input defined.

You can also set RC_OPTIONS to 288 to get telemetry passthrough on your remote for Yaapu script for example.

Thank you @Mfoo
The Serial options show this, what options from here?

the other serial options seem to be 0

Also, I am using Yaapu with CRSF telemetry at the moment, I’d like to keep using it
What is best RC_OPTIONS or Serial2_options?

My RC_OPTIONS at the moment is 256

SERIALn_OPTIONS dont take affect iirc. Same as SERIAL_BAUD. That is fixed on CRSF to 400k.

Me personally uses RC_OPTIONS 800, which is passthrough and suppress CRSF messages for RFMD and rate changes.

thanks @Mfoo
if I choose:
“Use passthrough for CRSF telemetry” and “Supress CRSF mode/rate message for ELRS systems”
it goes to 768 not 800 as in yours…

Is this correct?

Yes, thats correct.
288 would consider the default, 32, which is “Arming check throttle for 0 input”.

But if you dont like that 256, or 768, is fine.

Okay, thank you @Mfoo :slight_smile: