Crash detection not working

Hi Guys … I have just finished another Quad Build … using FC3.1 . I tried to see if crash detection would cut the motors so i removed the props and armed the copter … put throttle at around 50% and turned the copter onto its side and upside down but the motors never cut off …is there a setting in MP i need to activate ?

Regards R

So I guess you figured this out. Was it just that it was an older version of the software that didn’t have the crash detection in it?

Randy … after reading / seeing your info on crash detection… it seems it only works when throttle stick is pulled low once you land upside down… I would have expected to work as i first reported … land upside down with throttle high … and it shuts down with in 2 sec… I am using the FW final that was released as 3.1 rc 8