Crash Could use some assistance

I have a friend. Yes its a friend not me that has a small quad that while in loiter appears to suddenly power down and the first few times resulted in a crash. Today he attempted again and was able to save the machine by a quick throttle up that allowed it to settle soft enough nothing was damaged. I have reviewed the logs and nothing jumps out at me other then some obvious power issues. But nothing that would result in the quad settling in.
so any assistance would be appreciated.

5 1.1.1970 02-00-00.log (151.4 KB)

5 1.1.1970 02-00-00.bin (71.2 KB)

5 1.1.1970 02-00-00.bin.log (151.3 KB)

4 1.1.1970 02-00-00.bin (329.0 KB)

4 1.1.1970 02-00-00.bin.log (764.9 KB)

4 1.1.1970 02-00-00.log (764.9 KB)