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Crash cause analysis


(Luka Jurjevic) #21

@mboland Thank you very much!

Yeah, there was no crash, I just wanted to check if log seems to be ok. Mainly ATT message since I did some tweaking of the parameters. I would lie if I say that I am fully satisfied with the parameters, it is still not as smooth as I would like it to be.

I did cut the throttle trying out to land on the first contact with the ground, but it turns out I need some more practice before I master this kind of landing hehe It turned out to be a bit rougher than I did expect.

Anyways, thank you Mike for having a look at the log! :slight_smile:

(Mike Boland) #22

Your next logical step would be an autotune.
Read the Wiki and set your parameters as suggested here

(Luka Jurjevic) #23

I agree, however there are some problems concerning autotune with low KV motors leading to motor desync. And since the manufacturer of the copter we use had the exact the same problems I am hesitant about trying out the autotune.