Crash because of sudden loss of current, battery fault?

Hi guys, my drone suddenly crashed on hovering, I’m running a custom battery.

The current suddenly cut off, yet the voltage is back to normal, and the drone started falling.

Is this a battery fault, or autopilot fault?

log file: crash log.bin - Google Drive

I had a Look and its strange, it looks like all the motors lost power at the same time as they all start to throttle up to keep its altitude.

normally when something like this happens its the battery connection but your flight controller never lost power. so i would check the wiring between the power sensor and the ESCs. Are there any connectors between the power sensor and the ESCs?

Yeah it’s weird, the voltage seems to be fine…

The power diagram is something like this:
battery > ESC Tmotor F55A > FC Matek H743 Slim

I don’t use external BEC to power the FC

turns out the ESC is toast, i replaced it and boom, problem gone.

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