Crash because an unwanted Roll while landing

Hi everybody,

Until today I’m flying with the ArduCopter 4.0.7
the drone was flying normally suddenly my data link shut-off and the drone execute RTL as a GCS_Failsafe. Everyething normal until the drone arrived vertical to the home position and the start the land phase then the drone goes left while losing altitude until it touched the ground.

After analyzing the data log I can see that before the signal was lost between the GCS and the drone a Roll command was executed (that is normal because I was moving the drone in that direction) but when the drone comeback to home position and start landing then Land_repo_active was marked and then the drone execute the Roll and that what caused the crash

I succeed to make the Roll and Pitch ignored by the flight controller while landing by changing LAND_REPOSITION parameter, But my concern is how to do the samething for the YAW mouvement.

I can note that Im using joystick via mavlink not a RC transmitter.

WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR applies to RTL as well as Auto Missions.

Thanks for replying
But WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR applies only when the drone is coming back to home position but NOT when It will start the land phase

That’s the way it is…

So there’s no way to fix that
I think this is a bug in the firmware to be fixed

There is nothing to really fix. If you want to suggest an enhancement then add a request to the PR pile. If someone thinks it’s a priority it may get some action.

Ok thanks for the reply

Where can I found the PR pile?

814 Pull Requests. 815 with yours :slight_smile: