Crash analysis

Hi all,

I am trying to fly a HK450 with APM 2.6 with Arducopter.

Today I made progress and the bird was almost ready to go airborne. I tried a hover just above the ground and the heli drifted slowly backwards and to the side. Not much so I thought I could just give very small control inputs to keep in on the same spot. I was flying/hovering in Stabalize mode.

This did work for a couple of seconds. Then the heli suddenly snapped out of the hover and slammed in to a nearby wall. The damage is bend control rods and broken blades :angry:

My question is how can the heli suddenly snap out of the hover and move to the right?

It is going to be a little difficult to provide crash analysis given your brief description of your issue.
How about describing the model of you navigation controller and the ArduCopter firmware that you are using for a start.
Then, if tlogs and/or data flash logs are available from the flight you are describing, how about providing them also to help troubleshoot your issue.

Hi, yeah, I would need logs to help. Obviously the helicopter should not have done that, but it’s impossible to say why it happened without data.