Crash Analysis Copter 4.1.5

I need help in analyzing two instances of my copter crash. The first crash occurred suddenly from a height of 60 meters. Upon analysis, it appeared to be a power loss during flight, as the flight log only recorded data up to that altitude.

To address a possible power port issue, I replaced the connector and used a different locking mechanism for the power source. I then planned another flight, setting a mission in guided mode and initiating a return-to-launch (RTL) command. During the descent and hovering at around 20 meters, the copter crashed once more.

This time, I suspected that it might not be a power issue, considering the connector change. When the copter hit the ground, the flight controller appeared to restart, as it emitted the same startup beeping sound. I’m seeking help to determine whether this could be a mid-flight flight controller reboot or a disarming issue. Despite changing the connector, I’m having trouble identifying the root cause.
Link for log files
Can someone analyze these incidents and help me pinpoint the problem?

In both logs the FC stops to log things at an instant suggesting a power issue. In the second log (32) the FC even managed to record it’s own power loss down to 3 volts. It should be at 5 volts. This can be seen under the POWER tab under the sub tab Vcc (board voltage).

In both logs the fc seem to lose power suddenly. If it reboots I don’t know if it would record a power drop like that.

But you should definitely check the your power system. It don’t need to the the entire drone that loses power from the battery pack. How do you power your flight controler?

If you’re using a power module it could be bad and in need of replacing or the cable running from he power module to the FC is bad. You cold try to move the cable around on the bench and see if the FC shuts down at any point.

you also mentioned that you heard the same beeping sounds the FC makes when it boots. A sudden but short power loss would cause this since the FC would reboot once power is restored but not be armed, thus not being able to control the drone anymore anf all logging would be stopped until it’s armed once again.

Thanks @Axel1 for your observation. After changing the main power connector I was also certain that there is some other issue. Your observation about the Power module looks convincing and I would need to check the power module properly.

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