Crash analasys - RTL - GPS loss - crash hard

Hi all,

Im not new to flying (using FPV racers quite some time) but rather new to GPS and auto flying drones and video.

Bought an Iris+ last month from the Xmas cash. I have done a few test flights so far and really happy with the results. Had to tweak some inputs on the Tarot Gimbal and was happy to trust the follow me mode while using the Airwheel, since the test earlier was perfectly good. RTL was spot on!

So, connecting the tower app (samsung Galaxy S2) with the Iris. Starting it up and let it go to the sky. Immediately flying away… oops. Took over the control and brought it back.

Do the sequence again and all looked fine. Started the follow me mode with the standard mode, no changes to the parameters. Started the Airwheel and played with some modes: follow right, follow loiter, changed the altitude a bit lower etc. Video is here, for some reason it stopped filming and it did not recorded the crash. But you can see there are some glitches is following me.

The it suddenly went for the RTL mode. I dont know why, maybe I pressed the button (?). I cancelled it, because I just started the flight and pressed “follow me” again. Then it drifted away back, sort of RTL look-a-like and crased into the ground.

I see a GPS-loss in the logs and a los of TX/RX (?), but can someone with experience please look at the log and tell me what went wrong and how I can avoid this in the future?

Damage is minor: just and arm broken and some minor stuff to the gimbal…

Video is here:

Log is here:

Hmmm, geofence? …