Crash again,FBWA and RTL plus fence trigger all are not working

hi,my plane was flight normal at first but crash at the third flight two day ago .
At the third flight,the plane take off at auto mode,everythings works normal until I change to manual mode.I can’t see the plane ATT much clear,so I switch to FBWA mode quickly,it didn’t go back to lever but rapidly went down,so I change the mode to RTL but it didn’t work,I glance the telemetry signal ,GCS display telemetry disconnected.I quickly enable the fence ,but the plane still went down and crash eventually .
I check the dataflash log after flight,I found that the mode change and fence has been trigger ,but it can’t help to recover .I analyst the des roll att vs att,it seems they are go to separate at last few seconds before crash .I also analysis the vibration and found that the Z axis is out of limit.I suppose the crash is due to high vibration in z axis.this is my second crash .I cashed several months ago due to similar problem ,but can’t find the reason last time .
please help to analysis the dataflash log and try to find out any other reason that can lead to crash .


please go to last link for the dataflash log.