Crash after activate RTL switch look video

hello what’s happens ? at the end of the flying i activate RTL switch and the quad fall down. The batterie was at 10.5v. After the crash i cant stop motors the props continue to turn a little i just put my foot on the left rear one to disconnect the battery. The battery was at 9.9v.

what s happens?

2017-07-04 18-14-37.tlog (484.9 KB)

The log file from the Flight Controller would be more helpful.

Have you tested the motors since?
Is everything working?

The quad works fine since few weeks and you can see on the vidéo that it was the end of the flight so Yess all was ok before i switch in RTL mode. I have upload the .tlog it isnt good ? can you see something inside ?

It doesn’t really give the data of what the flight controller is doing.

The .bin or .log from the flight controller is what would help see what happened.