Crash after 40seconds of flight


This is the second time that my Iris falls out of the sky. Luckily i’ve got it on camera!

The errors in the log:

  • ERR subsys 12, ECode 1: Crash detected
  • Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (36.91%)
    Max mag field length (557.43) > recommended (550.00)

Logfile in attachement

Does anybody know how to fix the problem?

You’re lucky, mine fell out of the sky and landed on rocks. My flying career is done.

3DR support offered me 15% discount on a new gimbal though LOL

I’m seeing your battery dipping into the 10.6 volt range…after 40 seconds of flight. Are you sure you didn’t put a flown (discharged) battery in by mistake? There is no way the battery is going to discharge that fast unless the battery is flat.