COVID-19 Inspired Mad Scientist Lab :) - Showcase Yours!

Like most of you, this COVID-19 really got me going on completing all fun projects.

Please showcase your Mad Scientist lab…

key features of my lab:

  1. TV to watch Netflix :slight_smile:
  2. Oscilloscope, RF Spectrum Analyzer, Motor Power Analyzers, Bench power Supplies, Microscope, Soldering station and all other test equipment.
  3. All types of Pixhawk and some other FC’s based designs.
  4. LiDAR testing.
  5. Precision landing solution testing for Quads and VTOL’s
  6. Agricultural mapping, Spraying etc. design testing.
  7. Recently finally learned how to use Aux Pins on PixHawk :slight_smile: many thanks to Dave dkemxr
  8. Trying to marry DJI with Pixhawk…now that’s a fun one.
  9. Upto 80 KM telemetry and Live Video solution (I am designing it)
  10. DJI RE and racing Goggle systems.

Three key projects:

  1. 25KG Lift capacity Hexacopter. Just rebuilding it. It has flown successfully before. I call it a beast.

It will also have a pesticide and fertilizer system installed.

  1. Converting a SkyHunter into a total VTOL. It will have precision landing capabilities and a custom package delivery system.

  2. Converting a SkyWalker 8 into an agricultural imaging and LiDar plane. tons of new sensors and capabilities.

What are you trying to solve?


It is far to clean to deserve the title Mad Scientist Lab :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know big corp on drone that are far messier that this !

I don’t have a workplace for drone dev so I won’t share picture… But I will summon the black wizard of drone mad land @tridge (teaser : his lounge room looks like this: ArduPilot, Outback Joe, and a very understanding wife in 2018). Let’s see his office in 2020 during confinement time :wink:

Well the wife thinks I am the Back to the future Mad Scientist when she walks in …lol :slight_smile:

yeah, this is my home lab, the office lab is much crazier for sure… ha ha

@tridge DINNING ROOM is impressive!!!