Couple questions about controlling a gimbal in missions

I’ve been getting some videos, and have come up with a couple of questions I can’t find the answers to.
One is, how do I tell the copter to point the nose of the copter towards the ROI, vs pointing just the gimbal at the ROI? I thought I read in the past that there was a setting to control that, whether you have retractable landing gear, etc.

And second is, can we control the gimbal speed, when acquiring a new target? As it is, it is moving too quickly when it points to a new ROI, so the video jumps to the new target, rather than smoothly moving there. Would that be a copter setting, or should I look at my gimbal config for that?
If it’s not a copter setting, would it be possible at some point in the future? I could see a use in having some slow pans, and then programming some faster ones later in a scene.

Thank you.

Hi wicked1,

I did not use ROI unitl now but it is a mission command and explained here:


Ι have made this video for how to make a mission with tower app with ROI

But if you set no ROI you can control your gimbal

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