Couple issues w/ small copter and pixracer board

I have noticed two issues I don’t see many others mentioning…

One is that w/ 3.4 and my pixracer and 3dr telemetry modems, the connection speed is very slow… at least for initially downloading the parameters. It takes several minutes to download the parameters.
I put 3.3 back on it, and it is fast/normal. (actually, is this because logging is turned way up for the beta release? I just got busy w/ work, so can’t test this at the moment)

Also, I am still having random small yaw movements in Alt_Hold, and even sometimes in stab. I have noticed that bad GPS reception and also a bad yaw tune make it worse (spinning 20+ degrees)… But even w/ everything tuned relatively well, it makes small yaw movements of a few degrees. If I wasn’t looking for trouble, I might not notice it, but it is definitely still happening.
I posted tens of logs over at DIYD over the past few months about the yaw thing… I can post one here if anyone would like.

@tridge has asked before for a tlog to be able to look at this, so please post one where this happens.

This is the right place for discussing the beta of Copter 3.4, so, yes, please post them here.

Anything specific for the tlog? Just a regular MP tlog that it makes by default?
If so, here are a couple…

13:59 is 3.4
14:02 is 3.3

For the yaw issue, I’ll try to find a better log… My latest, w/ good tunes and good GPS, are all long flights… I’ll get a short log of the yaw troubles in the next couple days and post it.

2016-06-13 13-59-50.tlog (85.2 KB)
2016-06-13 14-02-43.tlog (50.8 KB)

I fly for the first time my new racer build with pixracer and 3.4 and notice that little yaw movement too, I didn’t tune yet and I had to remove the Robocat plastic front thinking that was the problem but follow your results if exist another issue, I’m interested in your log too to compare with mine.

Last month when I was using a bad GPS, the yaw movements were showing up on the “att” “yaw” or “des yaw” log… They were little/fast spikes to 100%.
I didn’t notice them on my recent log when it was still doing it, but much less… But maybe I just need to zoom in on the log to see it… not sure (I’m working today, so can’t load up MP to look)

I solved yaw issue with manual tunning

Could you share your tuning results?

I can’t do autotune yet but with this config yaw issue go away for the moment.