Counterfeit accelerometers

Is there some company that is making counterfeit accelerometers? I bought two cheap Pixhawks (2.4.8) and often got “accelerometers inconsistent” or “gyros inconsistent” errors. Fortunately, I work at a company that has surface-mount assembly capability, so I bought some new Invensense 6000 chips from Digi-Key and had the parts replaced.

Now, both Pixhawks work perfectly. No more errors!

So, I’m wondering if someone is producing lower-quality knockoffs and that is why the originals didn’t work as well. Or could it be that Invensense has different “grades” of parts, and a lower grade part was originally put on my boards.

Does anyone know the answer?

You get what you paid for.
Cheap “2.4.8” chinese knockoffs are made from cheap factory rejected or refurb parts.
No wonder they sucks.

Unsurprising unfortunately. Those things are made my multiple unspecified chinese manufacturers, which employ no quality standards, using whatever parts they source for the lowest cost. You will never know who made it and what they made it with. Then they’re sold by multiple retailers, all of whom advertise it differently using whatever poorly translated words come out at the time. The case will be the same since they all steal/copy each other’s case designs. so it looks the same. But you could have 5 of them on a table, and all 5 could be different.