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Could we use an updated glossary & consistent terms throughout the Wiki?

Part of having effective documentation is using consistent terms. Some terms in the Wiki are used interchangeably, and I could see how that would cause confusion. As an example, ArduCopter, TradHeli, Copter, APM:Copter, etc. all can describe the same firmware/control firmware that makes ardupilot great. Every page seems to describe it differently.

In addition to answering the title of this Topic, what other terms should be used throughout the wiki? I would think that we should be using ArduCopter, ArduPlane, ArduRover, ArduSub, etc consistently when speaking about the firmware and control system. Copters, Planes, Rovers, and Subs would refer generically to the physical devices.

That being said, APM is on the front page of Copter (to my understanding APM is outdated/legacy):

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What’s the tie to APM now? Is it history, or is there a reason Ardupilot still includes APM references?

Remove them at will. Just legacy.

There are still a lot of APM’s out in the wild.
I know its old 8 bit architecture but it would be a shame to lose all that handy info.
Could it just archived somewhere?

I, for one, still have to go and lookup info on the APM a couple times a month.

I’m sure APM documentation won’t be abolished, but it definitely won’t be at the forefront of technical communication to cause confusion.

APM: ArduPilot Mega - 8-bit open hardware that was originally developed to advance the ArduPilot project (please correct this definition).

I’m pretty sure the old stuff has already been pulled into a PDF. Would that be sufficient?

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