Could Tower receive one way frsky S.port telemtry?

I’m wondering if it’s possible for Tower to receive frsky S.port telemetry from the taranis serial port.

Just a one way connection for vehicle monitoring.

my hope would be to put a bluetooth on my taranis then connect up with my phone.
I guess the other way to do it is to convert the S.port output to mavlink, but i’m not sure if Tower needs to send anything first to get a connection.


Why? Tower is setup to use a telemetry radio. Just connect it via an OTG cable and you have full GCS functionality.

Bluetooth is fine for making phone calls and listening to music. I’m hearing impaired. I use Bluetooth to connect my hearing aids to my phone and to stream audio from my laptop and home theater system, but for any useful data transmission I think using Bluetooth is less than worthless. Range sucks and latency is horrendous. Complete waste of a serial port…

I don’t want to fly a telemetry radio. I just want a more consumable version of what you get on the screen in a taranis.

Apples and oranges. Taranis reads S.Port telemetry. Tower reads MavLink.

What is the problem with flying a telemetry radio?

Weight and I don’t care about ground control.

It would be a good idea not to use a 3DR radio but to use FRSKY S.PORT. I also want to know if there is any way to achieve it.