Could someone try Simple mode?

Not sure if anyone noticed but we’ve got a “Simple mode” in Rover/Boat 3.5.0.

It was a code contribution from the guys at EAMS Lab but I haven’t actually tested it yet so I was wondering if someone might want to try it out and provide feedback?

I think it will work best on transmitters that have the throttle and steering setup on the same stick on the transmitter. Then the pilot should simply push the stick in the direction they want the vehicle to go. I.e. throttle in middle, steering full right will make the vehicle drive to the right. full throttle, steering in middle will make the vehicle drive away… pull the throttle stick down and it should return.

There is a SIMPLE_TYPE parameter that controls the “frame” of the controls:

  • SIMPLE_TYPE = 0 means the direction will be relative to the vehicle’s heading when it was armed
  • SIMPLE_TYPE = 1 means the direction will always be relative to north (i.e. full throttle, steering in center will make the vehicle move north)

I’m not sure how well this mode will work in practice, it might be terrible but all feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Should it work on all types of vehicle? I first thought, it is only meant for omnis.

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It should work on all vehicles. It was meant for skid-steering vehicles mostly I think. It actually doesn’t take advantages of the omni vehicle’s ability to move sideways… which is a bit of a waste but…