Could someone please help analyse my logs for crash event

hello all,
I have attempted to identify what has happened during my flight but I need someone that knows how to read these better than I please.

I have a quadcoptor with a Pixhawk flight controller

I have previously had my quad flying quite well and was moving onto “stabilize Flight mode” rather than using the flight controller is “alt-hold, sports or drift” which were my favs. Needless to say, I introduced my quad to the ground after gaining false conferdance over a few hours of practice.

After which I completely rebuilt my smashed quad, (the normal replacements: blades, a motor, one ESC and the frame). I used mission planner to delete all the data/parameters and started from scratch, went through the calibrations and setup process ect (firmware 3.2 at the time).

After which I was able to fly fine but decided to use the auto-tune 90% of the way through the tune, the quad shot straight up and failed to respond to radio inputs, turned over and planted itself…

So I built it again, attempted to identify the problem, which I thought had been vibration and assumed that during my rebuild I hadn’t suspend my FC correctly.

Nuts of my question:
I deleted all parameters/data again, using flight planner, and I also formatted the SD card. I flashed the firmware to 3.3 and went through the calibrations and setup process

This time I went out to the local oval, took off, flow a very little, and switched into Auto-Tune, the process started, the X axis completed and the y started after about 1 to 2 minutes tuning the Y axis the quad tipped to around 30 degress along the Y axis (causing the quad to go backwards at a fast rate) and again my radio input was ignored (although I didn’t have the time to switch into stabilize). Luckily a fence caught a motor and my quad has been reduced to rubble again.

I have had around 50 hours of flying practice, so although not an expert by any stretch I do have some skill.

I cannot identify the issue, asking and read some have suggested hardware failures on the FC board like the acc but I’m not sure how to determine that from the logs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Bruce Quinton.

Is there a way to shrink the log file? I have a 7.8Mb log (.bin) file that I cannot attach to my question because its too large.

Ok, so I could not upload my log file because its too large (7.8Mb ish) so here’s a link

2015-10-13 17-18-28.BIN

Kind Regards
Bruce Quinton.