Could someone please analyze this log? … -30-32.bin

Started in stabilize, spent most of my time in alt hold and then went back to stabilize just before landing.

Didn’t really go anywhere, just maintained hover in place.

  1. The vibrations look really good.

  2. Can someone look for noise interference, particularly with the GPS and/or Compass? I’m using a Pixhawk with the external GPS/Magnetometer

Here’s why I need the help. It’s a pretty stable craft (but needs to be trimmed). Yet when I go from Alt Holt to Loiter, it just takes off. I’m getting eight satellites – so what could it be?

Here’s the log posted to the board (just in case you didn’t want to use my link):

I can’t review a log right now, but did you do the procedure where you hover in stabilze and look at the motor output from the log and set that value as your THR_MID?

I did that. It looked good.

No need to review the logs now. I had the compass set incorrectly.

In mission planner, I had chosen apm with external mag instead of Pixhawk. The external mag picture looked just like my mag and I didn’t realize that was also the default pixhawk mag.

Loiter works now, but it is sluggish.

Should I set the loiter rate to a value greater than 0.2? What is a reasonable value?