Could not configure a C++ compiler!

Hi, I keep having this error for 3days. “could not configure a C++ compiler!”
Someone, please tell me how to fix this!

Usually that means you don’t have the C++ compiler tool chain installed or configured correctly. If you followed the instructions for creating a build environment using WSL and have an Ubuntu image installed, you may have missed this step:

Tools/environment_install/ -y

I see also that you have an ASCII decoding error and wonder if your use of an extended/non-English character set may be causing problems as well.

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How about i already doing that. But still no luck…(?)

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You have not installed the ARM GCC compiler, as per the wiki instructions. See

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Oh thanks, i just realized
Looks like my GCC version is not compatible with the firmware (mine version 10-2020, while “wiki” says version 6-2017).
Could you tell me how to remove my GCC from my laptop?


That should be OK. We’ve recently added support, but I suspect the wiki has not been updated yet.

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