Could I calibrate the compass by the radio?

If this is possible, could some one give me a hint? Thanks

you can connect to pixhawk over radio instead of usb cable and calibrate the compass

OK, thanks for your idea!

I’m not 100% sure it is in 3.4 (I think it is but I can be wrong) but you can initiate the compass cal, while disarmed, with full throttle up/right yaw.


For conventional helicopter firmware, the J3 joystick is responsible for controlling the pitch, and can you start the onboard Mag calibration with full throttle up / right yaw?

Yes, it doesn’t change for heli firmware. Full right yaw/full throttle up starts calibration, full left yaw/full throttle up cancels it. I’ve confirmed this is in 3.4.


Can this function be written into the Helicopter firmware?

Sorry if I didn’t explain it properly before, it is in heli firmware just like it is in all other Copter frame types.

Hi, where could I find those codes? Thanks

What codes are you referring to?

You said that it was in the heli firmware, and this refers to mag calibration? Thanks

Yes, you can start the mag/compass calibration with your radio in any of the Copter firmware (quad, hexa, heli, etc.).

OK, thanks for your suggestion

In the function compass_cal_update, there is an assert that channel_yaw->get_control_in() > 4000, why? Thanks

There is no assert. There is an if though. I’m not sure what to answer to your question, that checks if you have your stick in about the max right yaw position.