CORS NTRIP or Base Station with Skydroid H16

Hey guys,

Just trying to figure out how the ground control station (GCS) setup works when operating from a handheld GCS like the Skydroid H16. Say I’d like to provide RTK throughput from CORS or a local base station. (I originally planned on only a laptop running Mission Planner, and providing RTK throughput from base station or CORS) Can this still be accomplished through a second computer operating another instance of the control station software (Mission Planner), or does all telemetry communication have to come through the skydroid? If so, how can the skydroid be linked with an NTRIP service or to a personal GNSS base station?

One option I guess is to set up my 9ps base station as a standalone (automatic) base, and have it send telemetry directly to the drone.