Corrupted Log Arducopter 4.1

Sharing a log where for a brief time the logging seems to have gone bad. The logged data does not conform with the actual flight. Wanted to share this and also get some ideas as to how this can be avoided.

Link to log :

When did this happen (time interval) ?
What makes you think it happened? Are you not misinterpreting something?

Thanks for the reply. This looks like a case of “bad logging” to me because :

  1. I have had problems opening and viewing this particular log using different software. The above screenshot is from one instance where it could be viewed successfully. Have not had the same problem with other logs from the same drone.

  2. The altitude estimate drops down to below 0 for an interval and then jumps back up. The actual flight did not have this behavior.

  3. The time interval lies between 25000 - 50000 in the screenshot. Other flight parameters too are not normal during this interval.

I could be misinterpreting this as a case of corrupted log, would like your views on it

I think you are right. MAVExplorer produces this:

You have LOG_DISARMED enabled so perhaps your Sd card is loaded with junk logs. and DSMROT enabled. If you were doing some troubleshotting with these enabled disable them now.
Also, update to at least 4.1.5.

Thank you for the suggestions !