Corrupt and zero length data flash log issues

I’ve been having issues with my Iris not writing out logs correctly. Sometimes they are corrupt, sometimes they are zero length, sometimes they’re fine but I’ll be missing the very end of the log.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

It’s possible you are having brown out issues similar to others in this thread. Incomplete logs are one sign of a brown out.

We could be onto something here… I’m not sure.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that I’ve been having intermittent problems with my IRIS and losing controllability. I’ve issues in LOITER, ALT_HOLD and STAB modes. I cannot tell for sure what is happening. Every time it happens I don’t have a usable log to analyze… So’ I’ve been practicing analyzing other peoples logs and helping them troubleshoot so that I could learn more. In my case, I’ve been assuming that I’m physically screwing up or I needed to configure something somewhere, or had misconfigured something, but apparently the IRIS comes fully tuned.

It’s very misleading when you start with Mission Planner, because it says that you need to do an initial configuration, which I did.

Last week, I went back and reloaded all of the default params and made sure everything was configured as per default. Interestingly, the only thing I had changed was the logging level. As soon as I tested the copter it flew for about 10 minutes in stab and alt_hold and then ran off past me in the fashion as usual, no control input and switching to STAB doesn’t work. I’m almost afraid to fly it anymore because it’s costing me a lot in props!

I don’t crash my other copters, but they’re all manual or just gyro stabilized. For awhile I thought that it was the GPS glitch causing the copter to jump in LOITER, then I thought I must be accidentally switching into the wrong mode, then I figured I must have screwed up the compass tuning or had missed something else that needed tuning.

Now, I’m not so sure!

Could this also have something to do with some of the other loss of controllability issues that I’ve read about recently?

So! How would I check for and fix the brownout issue if I have it?
Thank you!

Some times the files are corrupted when they are read from the vehicle. We are working on some things with the planners to make that work better. In the mean time you can open the cover on your Iris and you’ll find there is an SD card at the end of the Pixhawk that has the logs stored on it. They have the extension .bin and you can read them directly into the planner for graphing.

After reading this … wnOuts_etc

I have to say that I am experiencing the symptoms that they describe under brown outs such as files terminating while the copter is still in the air and also, IIRC, VCC fluctuations, although I have to go back and look to be sure.

However, I did not see mention of file corruption or loss of input as symptoms, but surely this must also be possible in a brown out? Yes/no?


Thanks Craig,
I’ll do that on the next one, I deleted the logs of the flash thinking maybe it was full or something

Does anybody know if it’s possible for brown outs to cause loss of control?


I don’t know if you really are having a brown out or the log file is corrupt, but if you really have a brown out the board will reset itself on air, so this will cause loss of control.

I have several logs that terminate during flight and after looking at this … wnOuts_etc
it sounds like it’s a brownout.
I’m also having file corruption but that may be a separate issue.

And to think of it that’s exactly what it’s like like it got reset and flew off.

So my next question then would be will brown outs cause file corruption as well?
Every time I crash I either have a log that terminates before crash or it’s zero length or it’s corrupted.