Copterleds feature on Pixhawk?

I almost have my new frame ready to fly with the Pixhawk. I’ve installed LED strings on my copter arms and wanted to run them with the Pixhawk just like APM with the CopterLeds feature. Things like arm status and GPS lock are useful. Much better than just the controller LEDS although the Pixhawk LEDs are much better than the APM.

I think this feature at present is missing from Pixhawk. I remember previous discussions on this subject. The LEDs parameter is missing from Mission Planner for Pixhawk. Are there any plans to move this feature or equivalent to Pixhawk?

Thank you

Agree, these AUX out pins are pretty useless at the moment. I also expected to be able to use them for LED control and/or RC channel passthru.
LED out disappeared - I guess the idea was to use the “external LED” - which is unobtainium since we first heard of it …
RC passthru is a weird mess - only thru crutches like CAM trigger / gimbal control.
Maybe dump that gimbal code (servo controlled gimbals are pretty extinct anyway) and re-do the RC channel passthru in a simple, user-friendly way ? Very excited to see the dev efforts to get S-Bus channels 9-16 in - but what shall we do with these :wink: