Copter: Yaw behavior speed and heading change issue

  1. Yaw behavior speed issue

I wanted to check the yaw behavior for my quad copter. The quad followed the Yaw behavior but the speed of heading change with respect to navigation was too high.

Need to control the yaw behavior speed.

  1. Heading changing issue

My quad took take-off at a heading of 91 degrees but landed with a heading of 108 degrees.Not able to solve the problem.

Kindly, help me with these issues.

You may want to post these in the ArduCopter sub-forum.

This is the “Hardware” sub-forum, but your issues are Copter-specific.

I have moved your post to the copter 3.5 forum pages where it will get more attention.
I am assuming you are running copter 3.5?
You have not given enough information for anyone to determine what is happening.
At the very least you need to post a log from the flight controller (.bin file)
A description of your setup and what produced the error would help.
The more information you give the easier it is for someone to determine what is happening.
From your vague description it is virtually impossible to determine what is happening.