Copter wants to flip on takeoff please help

Please check the RC calibration screen to see if the sticks are operating correctly. If not - I would recommend messing with your transmitter setup.

Are you testing this on the bench w/o props? This is usually meaningless.

What is 264.45?

Yes Iā€™m testing without props on my work table. I will check the rc calibration and transmitter setup whuch by the way is a herelink

Test the motor order without props. If that works, put the props and go fly. Increasing the throttle without props on is not a indication of future behaviour with props.

A motor test should show this but it possible you have a wire touching, bad solder joint , a bad esc, shorted motor windings from a long screw or even a dshot issue. Best way is to move the esc wire of a good esc and place it on motor 3. REMOVE PROPS.