Copter vibrations

What are the main culprits for vibrations in the y axis?

Sometimes the Fc base mount stretched than the Fcontrol, can you share a photo of your FC mount?

Its a Pixhawk 2.1 hard mounted. Ive also tried mounting on the supplied foam. I have built quite a few of this exact setup and vibes have always been good. I have changed motors, changed props and checked al the normal things to reduce any vibrations.

Are you sure that the esc are properly calibrated ?

Yeah that was my first thought after checking the motor balance and props. So i re did it just incase.

i might replace the esc’s just in case

Hi Justin,

Regarding your vibrations along y-axis - I recently had similar (but not that extreme) differences in vibration along x/y axis.

In my case the issue was how i had mounted the FC. Turned out I had only stuck the tape in the middle of the FC, not in the corner, so it had a lot of freemdom to shake/roll along y axis.

How did you mount your FC?

Maybe post a pic?