Copter took off with no input from sticks

Hello all
I just went to fly my new copter for the first time.
Specs: AMP 2.5 with 3DR ECS’s , PM, Radio and GPS. Futaba 6ch radio and 7 recv. 5200 lipo and 936 kv motors. 450 X frame.
Every thing was calibrated and I lifted of the ground. It held at about 4 feet off the ground with a little drift “could have been the wind” Then with out warning and NO input to the sticks or switches, jumped up about 15 feet and started to fly away. I panic-ed “of course” :unamused: and it kept rolling forward till it crashed into the ground. Of course it’s in a very unusable state right now, but I would like to know if anyone has experienced there copter getting a mind of its own?
More than that what can be done to prevent it?
It literally powered up from a hover and took off. Scared the H#@$ out of me. By the way all my presets are set to "Stabilize easy / very easy"
Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m told this is an apparently normal response to excessive vibration.


WoW thanks for the reply to my post.
Mine being brand new, I haven’t spent much time trying to avoid the vibration. I was just trying to make sure all the setting for safe flight were correct. Now I have a new priority when I get it rebuilt.
Thanks again . :slight_smile: